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Good Defensive Driving Habits

Avoiding Danger When Driving

The City of Jackson, Mississippi is the most populous in the state with well over 600,000 residents. Cities with large populations usually means more cars on the road and each car represents a new set of variables. Who's on their cell phone? Who's not paying attention? Who's trying not to be late? You don't have time to ask yourself those questions when you’re driving alongside other drivers. Instead, you've internalized your process, sizing up each driver as you pass them. As a responsible driver it’s good to practice good defensive driving habits. A few of them are listed below.

Be Calm, but Cynical

It's a sad fact that you have to account for other drivers' faults, but that doesn't mean you need to be keyed up when you're behind the wheel. The trick is to relax and be secure in the integrity of your vehicle and your driving abilities, while always casting some of your attention on the other vehicles, ready to take countermeasures for their mistakes. For example, if you see somebody in the passing lane slowing down and you're aware that an exchange off-ramp is upcoming, you might expect them to try to squeeze in front of you to hit that exit. In that case, be ready to take action to prevent an accident.

Respect Everything About Driving

Driving is so commonplace that it can be easy to forget how dangerous it can be. Even though you'll see the same signs, lanes, and arrows on your daily commute over and over, always aim to see them as for the first time in case there is traffic ahead or sudden slowing due to an accident. Road construction on Jackson’s roadways and freeways can also cause a change in direction or traffic conditions so being an alert driver will prepare you for what is ahead.

Be Aware of Speed

Different roads have different speed limits, but different scenarios have appropriate speeds, too. If, for instance, a car is following you too fast as you're trying to merge onto the highway, rear-ending you when you run out of space, they are responsible. Speed limits can change during road construction or when school children are let out of school to walk home.

The Ultimate Goal is to Stay Safe

Defensive driving is a skill that can keep you safe while driving through Jackson, Mississippi. When you're on the road, remember that even though you can't know what's going on inside those other cars, you can protect yourself from them, simply by being alert. Your reactions to the myriad types of traffic variables, based on your driving habits and thinking processes, could be the difference between driving past a fender-bender and being involved in a more serious accident. When accidents can’t be avoided due to a careless driver it’s good to have a car accident attorney on your side to evaluate the damages and seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.