Civil Rights

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I support the equal rights of all Americans, along with the privileges and freedoms afforded to all Americans without discrimination. I support gay marriage, along with transgender rights of free expression to live their lives in the manner befitting their personal identity.

We should support fairness in health care, housing, employment, and service to our LBGTQ family. We should also support the right for the LBGTQ to serve honorably in the military, afforded the same rights as any other military family. Adoption of children to LBGTQ families should be legal, the same as adoption to straight couples.

Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter

Again, I reaffirm that I support the equal rights of all Americans, along with the privileges and freedoms afforded to all Americans without discrimination. So, I support the Black Lives Matter movement, along with their core affirmations . One of which, is also espoused by the Women's March movement. This core belief, 'We work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people" of Black Lives Matter is echoed in the Women's March mantra, "Women's rights are human rights."

When discussing the issue of privilege in our society, the people who truly do not understand privilege are those who fully enjoy privilege.

If you do not understand the Black Lives Matter movement, please watch this video , it might help explain.

Try taking this quiz .

If you still need additional information on privilege, watch this video, and answer the question posed.

And, finally, watch the following to see what happens when we allow ourselves to open up to the views and perspectives of others; walk two moons in someone else's shoes .

Women's Rights Hear Me Roar

We state that women's rights are human rights, and this is true. Women in the United States face many of the same issues as other minority groups such as equal pay, an end to discrimination, fair housing, and entry into the highest earning positions.

However, women face additional challenges by virtue of gender. We face pregnancy and parenting discrimination, domestic violence, public and workplace sexual harassment, unfair treatment while incarcerated, discrimination in health care, and denial in freedom of choice in medical and personal decisions.

Women also share an unequal burden of poverty in the United States, and the figures are staggering . From this report, "More than one in eight women - more than 16.9 million - and nearly one in five children - more than 14.5 million - lived in poverty in 2015. More than half of all poor children lived in families headed by women."

Not only are US women struggling, but our sisters around the world face even greater challenges : human trafficking, female mutilation, the use of rape as a weapon of war, forced labor, sexual slavery, female infanticide, the death penalty for adultery.

I vow to support all efforts to end injustice and discrimination.

When we improve for one, we improve for all.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a cornerstone of our Constitution; freedom to practice a religion of your choice, or not to practice. Regardless of your decision, your religious preference should be free from any form of discrimination or persecution.

There must also remain a separation of church and state. Religion should not enter into public institutions, or public instruction, and there should be no favoring the belief system of one faith over that of another.

I will work will all groups to protect their individual right to worship while not impacting the freedoms, rights, or personal choices of any other individual.