Dana Cottrell for Congress


Education, Employment, Environment, Financial Security, Health Care

Dana's Mission Statement

My purpose is to represent the citizens of District 11, and to secure for ALL families: happiness, healthcare, education, respect of personal beliefs, civil rights, economic and personal security, and aging with dignity.

Primary Objectives:

  • To rejoin the proclamations of the Preamble of our nation that have been left unprotected:
    • Justice for all; that ALL Americans are treated with equal protections under the law.
    • Domestic tranquility; a nation where people are safe from harm.
    • Promote the general welfare; the general being of all, not just the richest among us, and to promote income equality.
    • Liberty; no American should be denied his or her fundamental freedoms when not posing a "clear and present danger" to others.
  • Shift the balance of interest to the American people.
    • The interest of the American people is not currently driving American policy; it is the interest of the largest corporations and the wealthiest among us.
      • How to achieve this goal: campaign finance reform, tax reform, Congressional reform.
      • Safeguarding that which you have earned and are entitled: Social Security, and Medicare.
    • As Abraham Lincoln stated, "...government of the people, by the people, for the people."
  • End division; promote unity.
    • Reunite the American people.
    • End the culture of fear and division.
    • Find and promote our commonalities.
    • Introduce legislation for individuals under DACA who have fulfilled all requirements to receive citizenship.